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1. Sang Pencerah
Although not passed lightening THE Indonesian Film Festival Selection Committee, the film that lifts the story of the life of KH Ahmad Dahlan was nice to get appreciation from the audience. The director, Hanung Bramantyo puts the audience reached 1.3 million more. Setting the film dealt with up to prepare clothing and engineering background. Praise came from all walks of life. Hanung also really serious in character selection, acting direction, and atmospheric musical backdrop. Starring Lukman Sardi as K.H. Ahmad Dahlan, Ihsan Idol as Ahmad Dahlan Young, and Zaskia Adya Mecca as Nyai Ahmad Dahlan and support other players such as Sujiwo Tejo, Yati Surahman, Slamet Rahardjo, Lure Nidji, Ikranegara, Dennis Adishwara, and Agus Kuncoro. No wonder if every character becomes prominent but still do not overlap. Present during Ramadhan, 8 September 2010, the film became the most highly anticipated films in 2010.

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2. 3 Hati 2 Dunia 1 Cinta
Film production is the first PH Mizan worked with detail. Script is lifted from two novels by chum Ben, entitled Da Peci Code and Ballad Rosid and Delia. Assembling the human reality of romance son who obstructed religious differences. In Indonesia, the incident has often occurred. The theme of reality in society, the film is released on July 1, 2010 by directed by Benni Setiawan received rave reviews from the public. Moreover, the film, starring, among others, by Reza Rahadian, Laura Basuki, and Arumi that aired during the school holidays.

3. Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini

In addition to a good scenario, the selection of players is also a good determinant of whether or not a movie. Combined scenarios and players a reliable character is what makes the film It's funny how (THIS COUNTRY) becomes a comedy drama film satire beautiful Indonesia. Some names such as Reza Rahadian, Slamet Rahardjo, Deddy Mizwar, Tio Pakusadewo, and Rina Hashim known as the player character is able to carry the role well.

Released on 15 April 2010, directed by Deddy Mizwar, this film contains a message of social criticism. This film tries to pick a real portrait is in the life of the Indonesian nation. Indonesia Film Festival nominated in 2010, It's funny how (THIS COUNTRY) coupled with other nominations.

4. Rumah Dara
Surrounded by nan sexy horror film, world cinema Indonesia is like digging graves for their attendance. Throughout the year 2010, many recognize human films decrease in the number one spectator in the cinema because of horror movies and sexy that dominate. The presence of the film HOUSE DARA became a battering ram for such consideration. Pure horror movie can do well without having to rely on sexy female body parts. DARA HOUSE directed by Mo Brothers and starring Julie Estelle Shareefa Daanish and as the main character. HOUSE DARA film tells about a group of young people who are stuck in the house owned by a mysterious assassin named 'Dara'. Fear and felt very tense while watching this movie. Admirable image quality, let alone to get the blood, the director did not use but the effect of blood from the animals. Before playing in Indonesia, this film has been sent around the world for a few festivals. In the Independent Film Awards, the film received eight nominations. Won two, for Shareefa Daanish Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress for Julie Estelle. After that HOUSE DARA then released simultaneously throughout Indonesia on January 21, 2010, another achievement bagged with terjualnya distribution of this film to North America and Europe by Overlook Entertainment.

5. Hari Untuk Amanda
Trying to explore the big screen, MNC Group Pictures presents Hari Untuk Amanda. Released on January 7, 2010 with Anga Dwimas directed by Saso, this drama film actually has a simple story. The story of the liver in determining mate vacillation, becomes the central story. The conflict in this film was not complicated. However, although the simple message conveyed in this film really hit. The film stars Oka Antara, Fanny Fabriana, Reza Rahadian, Kinaryosih, Gary Isaac, Rina Hashim, Noveleta Dinar, and Hengky Solaiman. The choice of leading man join IMA: Oka Between the Hari Untuk Amanda plus further confirms the value of this film.

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6. Tanah Air Beta
Collaboration Ari Sihasale and Alenia Pictures Nia Zulkarnaen in almost predictable, always lifting humanist themes involving children and the beauty of the landscape Indonesia. Released on June 17, 2010 and directed by Ari Sihasale this film starring, among others, by Alexandra Gottardo, Lukman Sardi, Asrul Dahlan, and others. The main theme of this film is the separation of East Timor from Indonesia, which makes a lot of families that have an internal conflict between stay in Indonesia, namely in Kupang, or decided to move to East Timor. Taking the original setting in Kupang, as if the audience invited to 'look' over the border that is rarely exposed. How can a child struggles to find his family who are reluctant to leave East Timor. Displacement conditions that are less viable, not make love for refugees in Indonesia. That's why the title of Tanah Air Beta is extremely precise, sense of nationalism is fading rose by this film.
7. Minggu Pagi Di Victoria Park
MINGGU PAGI DI VICTORIA PARK released on June 10, 2010. It took up to two years to complete the production of this film. Directed by Lola Amaria, starring, among others, by Lola Amaria and Titi Sjuman, setting the film is more in Hong Kong. The theme about the ups and downs of migrant workers in Hong Kong, MINGGU PAGI DI VICTORIA PARK entered as one of the films nominated for Best Festival Film Indonesia 2010.

Although a number of less successful, but every audience who enjoyed this movie definitely was satisfied because many new things they get in this movie. Yadi Sugandi cold hands, as sinematrografi, maximizing the original atmosphere of Hong Kong's image but still beautiful to look at. The story of love, making movies that actually brings a lot of these messages was light.
8. Darah Garuda
GARUDA or RED WHITE BLOOD II (International: Blood of Eagles) is a historical fiction drama film released in 2010 Indonesia and the second part of the film series 'Freedom Trilogy' which is the film trilogy's first fight in Indonesia. The film was directed by Yadi Sugandi and Conor Allyn. The film starring, among others, by Lukman Sardi, Donny Alamsyah, Darius Sinathrya, Aryo Bayu, Teuku Rifnu Wikana, Rahayu Saraswati, Rudy Wowor, Astri Nurdin, Alex Komang, and Aldy Zulfikar.

Bagged awards Bali International Film Festival, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Amsterdam Cinemasia Film Festival, London Film Festival, and the Bangkok World Film Festival, it was disqualified by the Blood of Garuda Indonesia Film Festival. Although there are some stories that are less logical, but the film is able to make the audience pounding with nice effects Hollywood-style movies. The sound quality of movies that need capital is Rp 10 billion worth thumbs up.

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9. Metamorforblus
This film is worthy of the best documentaries of 2010. Worked for two years by Dosy Umar, the film focuses on the activities of the Slanker, the designation for the fans Slank, in Indonesia. The film lasted 98 minutes was told 3 people Slanker of 3 different areas. Because without engineering, this film is very easy to make the audience untouched. Love across generations and nations make Slank so human. Although the drawings are simple, evocative story of innocence audience. How Slanker looked Slank. How to view the presence of personnel Slank Slanker. Slank songs be strong and full of meaning against the background of the underlying story of this film.

Scathing criticism by a policeman who also Slanker, making this film there is no empty space from the beginning. How Slank songs affect her life, dedication to the job. Another fairy tale is the story of the savior of Jogja. Nearly destroyed the life of a Slanker because of drugs, a handwritten letter from Mother Iffet Bimbim Slank and save his life. His father, trying to break through the entrance grateful to the concert to meet Bimbim and Mother. Last story is a group Slanker from Kupang in arranging passports to cross into East Timor Slank concert venue. Although it has been split off, welcome Slanker nation of East Timor to make the separation meaningless.

10. I Know What You Did On Facebook
KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON FACEBOOK is a comedy-drama film directed and written by Awi Suryadi, director Claudia / Jasmine. The film is released on July 15, 2010 is about the love story is woven through the social networking site Facebook and receive the effects that occur in the real world. The film stars Fanny Fabriana, Edo Borne, Imelda Therinne, Restu Sinaga, Agastia Kandau, and Kimi Jayanti introduced as one of the major players.

The year 2010 was dominated more sexy horror movies and dramas. So, when comedy appears able to provide added value. The theme is very popular in the community, thus attracting attention. Plus the number of fraud cases because of Facebook. Flair screenwriter chose this theme to be commended. Narrow the story by pursing how Facebook affects relationships and jokes throughout the film makes this film interesting and not boring.

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