The easy way to put meta tags bloggers

Installing the meta tag is one way to increase your blog to more SEO friendly, by installing the meta tag you can enter keywords or a description of your site could not believe some of the bloggers seo techniques to this one, but I myself believe if put meta tag like this will be more seo friendly.
  • Meta Description Tag
<meta content='tulis description disini' name='description'/>

Meta description tag is used to provide a general overview of the contents of your web page. The size is recommended no more than 200 characters. And see to it that this description could be sentences that are located at the beginning of the relevant page of web pages.
  • Meta Keyword Tag  

<Meta content = 'KEYWORD1, KEYWORD2, keyword3 ...' name = 'keywords' /> 
Meta tag keywords is very important because determining what keywords to find the web page on search engines. Writing Meta keywords are usually separated by a comma. The purpose of the comma that these keywords are easier to read. To note here is do not repeat a word more than 3 times, because it will be considered spamming. 
Equally important is the keyword is not to make the keywords that have nothing to do with the content of your web page. It also will be considered spamming. Suppose your website contains information about tourism in Bali, do not ever add "MP3" or "Britney Spears" as a keyword keywords just because this is a favorite keyword on the internet and
    much sought-after.

    • Meta Robots Tag
      The main objective is to use robots meta tag to specify which web pages can be indexed by a spider and web pages which are not. This tag is very useful especially if thing else website uses frames for navigation. 
      For example, if you want the spiders to read the main page, and browse through all the links that exist then add the following command:
      <meta content="INDEX, FOLLOW" name="ROBOTS">
      Or if you Want a robot to get out and do not index any pages from your site / blog. sintaxnya are:
      <meta content="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW" name="ROBOTS">
      How to put meta tags on blogger as follows:
    •     log into blogger.
    •     click on the layout.
    •     click edit html.
    •     then look for the code <head>
    •     Put the following code just below the code <head>
        <meta content='WRITE DESCRIPTIONS HERE  name='description'/>
    <Meta content = 'KEYWORD1, KEYWORD2, KEYWORD3 ...' name = 'keywords' />
    <meta content='INDEX, FOLLOW' name='ROBOTS'/>

    Change the color corresponding keyword is also a description of your blog.

    •     Save the template.

    source : infonet


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