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Quick Install Netbook or Laptop with USB flash!

Cara Kilat Install Netbook, Laptop dengan Flashdisk! Revision (has added a second point in paragraph warning, see below, thank you for criticism and advice of friends all)
Netbooks, tiny creature is getting easier for our work.almost all went to college and had to bring my laptop as carry the load of 2 tons on my back hehehe
Some other else now, netbook weighing only 1.5 kg this makes us a step further even though the lighter netbooks we carry everywhere for hours . But other problems arise, when suddenly the netbook cranky and have re-install when we do not have an external DVD? So what should we do?
Again, he had a friend's tiny tiny. The point? The netbook has a friend's stick hehehe it's a netbook can you please just the flash to re-install. How do I?
This computer tips on how to install netbook using the flash:
Quick Method
  1. Plug the flash 4 GB to a normal computer -> Run WinToFlash -> Transfer to Win 7 with WinToFlash flash -> flash Ready to Use!
  2. Plug the flash 4 GB into Notebook target -> Booting from flash -> Install windows 7 as usual -> Done!
How to Detail
  1. Plug the flash 4 GB on a normal computer
  2. Download WinToFlash here
  3. Extract the file downloaded earlier and open the folder extract
  4. Run WinToFlash.exe
  5. Click the "big check button" to start the Windows setup wizard transfers
  6. Click Next then Specify the location (drive) Windows 7 installation DVD and USB drive and then click Next (Windows 7 installation DVD is the drive letter of the drive the Windows 7 DVD and USB drives is the drive letter Fashdisk)
  7. Select "I accept the terms of the license agreement" and click next
  8. Click OK to format the USB flash drive and the file will be transferred automatically from the Windows 7 install DVD USB flash drive
  9. Click Next when finished copying
  10. Plug the flash to be installed Netbook
  11. Turn on the netbook, set boot from flash of the BIOS or you can press the F9 key (to the brand HP Mini Series, for Lenovo F12)
  12. Install Windows 7 as you use a DVD-Rom.
1. When using WinToFlash turn off all antivirus and running programs.
2. If the difficulty of making the flash installer on your computer, you can use another computer (based on experience, if it fails to point 1 above)
Thus Tips Tricks on How to Install Flash Netbook, Laptop with flash may help you.


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