Sharing Organized System

I want to share about the cooperation that I was doing, as my 12th grade high school students with school-mates work together in learning activities for the new National Exam and Exam SNMPTN of 2012 tomorrow. In this partnership we apply the SOS (Sharing Organized System), which is an organized system to share, in sharing this system does is

  • Comprehension sharing (sharing of understanding)

That is the shared understanding of a subject matter, suppose there is an understanding aik or katkanlah whiz in physics but weak in biology, while others have a weak candidate in biology but in physics. Comprehension Sharing With this it can be complementary in understanding each lesson.

  • Materials sharing (sharing materials)

The point is to share teaching materials that can be owned textbooks materials, books practice questions, etc.. In this case suppose anyone has a package of teaching materials math class 11 but not having Grade 12 Mathematics textbooks, while others have Grade 12 math textbooks but do not have Grade 11 textbooks, with materials of this sharing can complement each other then teaching materials by way of exchanging his life.

In addition, in the Sharing System was also implemented Organized Sharing, meaning the share or share the understanding and teaching materials is done in an organized manner. In this case for example in a shared understanding of scheduled three meetings in one week and each peratemuan there are three people who share his understanding of the lessons that dominated, respectively, whereas in the sharing of teaching materials or betukar Share Them limited the time that is selama3 week, this order every member has the opportunity to hold all the materials so they can add to his understanding.

With SOS is supposed to make us a better understanding of all subject matter mainly tested in the National Examination and Exam SNMPTN so we are ready mengahadapinya and obtain optimal results and satisfaction. aminnn


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