At the beginning of using Blogger, I feel there is something missing from this Blogger.

When I make a rather long text, writing will be displayed entirely on the front page (Home).

I want only the first paragraph (post summaries) displayed on the front page. There is no link "Read more" what I want.

There is no tool in the editor (where writing posts) Blogger to add "Read more". Well, hard as well ...

If in WordPress there. But Wordpress (free hosting version) I did not choose, because of the shortage that I can not overcome, that is one of them could not accept the javascript code.

But do not worry. I already know the tricks. And now, I want to share their knowledge to you.

There are 3 steps to create an introductory paragraph that will be displayed on the front page:

1. The addition of 'Conditional CSS'

Conditional CSS to change how posts appear on different pages.
The trick, click Layout ---> Edit HTML.
Then backup the template by clicking Download Full Template.
Then look for and find this code
Add the following code right above it:


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